The Projects page is a space for people to post ideas for potential projects, as well as describe projects that are already underway, so that others can see what’s going on and offer to get involved. If you’d like to add your project to this page, or get involved with a project that’s listed here, just get in touch via the contact page.

Many of the project listed below require at least one person involved in them to have a camera of some description. That could be the camera in a phone or tablet, a webcam, or an actual camera. When we no longer need to observe the guidelines on social distancing Wight Films can lend people cameras, but until then the members of this community group will need to be resourceful and use whatever they can get hold of. Don’t worry about production values, the idea, and the way you express that idea is far more important than filming in HD, and having scenes perfectly lit, framed and focused.

But if you don’t have a camera, or if you don’t want to be a Camera Operator, there are plenty of other roles that you could try. You’d simple need to post an idea for a project that someone else could film. You could write the script, draw the storyboard, create the background music, or add voice narration. Perhaps you could edit the footage that someone else records. That, or you could offer to join a project that is already underway, taking on whatever role suits you best.

I = An idea for a potential project that someone would like to work on with others.
P = A project that is currently in progress.
C = A video-making challenge, that some brave souls might like to try.
● = A project that can be conducted alone, or in a group.
●●● = A project that requires, or would greatly benefit from having two or more people working on it.

Speed Walker (C●) – This is an idea for a video project that anyone can have a go at. The idea is to simply film your favourite walk, and then create a time-lapse of that walk, so that viewers can see the whole journey in less than a minute. To create a time-lapse video you simply import the footage that you’ve recorded into a video editing program, increase the playback speed, and then save it as a new video file. You could try adding some backing music too. If you wanted to get creative you could look for wildlife and plants to film, you could film 360 panoramas, you could point the camera upwards or backwards, or add special effects in the editing stage.

3 Minutes at Home (C●) – This is an idea for a video project that anyone can have a go at. The idea, or the ‘challenge’ is this, to spend no more than 3 days making a video, that is no more than 3 minutes long, that must be filmed entirely within the bounds of your home. You should try to make the video as compelling to the viewer as possible. It can be compelling because it’s mysterious, beautiful, interesting, weird, funny, uplifting, or educational… what makes it compelling is totally up to you.

My Hobby (C●) – This is an idea for a very straightforward video, you simply demonstrate your hobby. You capture video footage of the process, and make it as compelling to the viewer as possible. You can take an artistic approach, an educational approach, any approach you like.

Thoughts & Feelings During the Lockdown (C●) – This is an idea for a vlog style video, in which you express your thoughts and feelings during this time of social isolation. How are you spending your time? How is it affecting your thoughts and feelings? How is it changing your life? How is it changing the world around you? If you’re a little camera-shy you don’t need to put yourself centre stage, you could point the camera at other things – at artwork you’ve created, photos you’ve taken, you could film a walk and add narration, you could source images online and put voice narration to that. Or you could cast yourself as a silhouette, or use effects to blur your face.