MEETINGS – While the need for social distancing persists, we will be meeting online instead of in person, using the Zoom video-conferencing app. But we can achieve a lot online – we can conceive of, develop, and plan your project in detail, so that when we can meet up socially once again, we can start filming your project straight away. And if we’re still social distancing when your project’s ready to be filmed, then we can explore creative ways of working separately, while still collaborating on a group project.

Online meetings are held once a week, and usually last for an hour or two. To join our meetings you’ll need the link for our Zoom meeting room, which is You’ll also need the password for our meeting room, and a schedule of our upcoming meetings, which we give out to people when they email us and ask to get involved.

You can connect to our Zoom meeting room via your web browser, but if you download and install the Zoom app on your computer or hand-held device, then you’ll get a more stable connection and more options for configuring your chat window.

VIDEO SHOOTS – A second day of the week (a morning or an afternoon) is sometimes set-aside in addition to the weekly meetings to actually film the video projects that we’ve been planning in the meetings. Usually this is done in small groups, but while social distancing persists, the camera operators must do the best they can while working alone.

GUIDEBOOK – We’ve created a guidebook full of helpful information for those who attend our meetings. You can view and download it by clicking this link – Guidebook.