Wight Films is a community group based in Ventnor that anyone can get involved in. The purpose of Wight Films is to bring people together, teach them how to create films and videos, encourage creative partnerships and projects to form, and make great content. You don’t need any special skills to get involved, because you’ll learn everything you need to know as you go along – by doing it. But if you do have any special skills, you can certainly put them to good use.

You can design your own project and invite others to get involved, you can set-up a project as part of a group, or you can join a project that’s already underway. What we film is totally up to you, the creator. We can produce vlogs, documentaries, animations, tutorials, music videos, comedy sketches – just about anything you can imagine. Video and audio equipment can be provided, along with instruction on how to use it. Or you can use your own gear if you have any – smartphones have very good cameras in them these days.

Roles that you can try out include: director, script writer, camera operator, sound recordist, interviewer, interviewee, actor, editor, animator, graphic designer, prop/set maker, storyboard artist, voice-over artist, musician, researcher, and location scout. Although most projects are quite small and won’t require all these roles to be filled. Typically three or four people working together might take on two or three roles each.

Throughout the process you maintain ownership of the content you create, and you alone decide what’s done with it. Wherever possible we like to show-off the content that members create here on the films page of this website, and on our social media accounts (or we will do once we’ve set them up!). Members often like sharing their work with others, and receiving feedback from our small but supportive audience, but if for any reason you’d prefer to keep your project to yourself, that’s perfectly fine.

So, what have you got to lose? And what have you got to gain? – exciting projects, new skills, opportunities, friendships and creative partnerships, weird and wonderful adventuress, and achieving things you never thought possible.